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About Varied / Professional Naughty No-shoesMale/United States Groups :iconso-often-bled: So-Often-Bled
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Part of the Spore Nebula by Fangfingers Part of the Spore Nebula :iconfangfingers:Fangfingers 214 0
Saviour Self
Hand me down through eternity.
Pass me from the beds of your tired hopes to the
cities of your aspirations.
Leave out your silly fears of afterlife
and calm me with your mortal need.
Sophistication has always been but a pretext to arrogance
that i cannot abide.
I cannot abide.
Pass me further,
help me hide.
Help me descend through countless eons.
Pass me from the tables of your dreamed-of bounty to the
fields of your lust.
Cast down your silly fears of this life
and lay with me in carnal greed.                                                                                
Asphyxiation has alw
:iconfangfingers:Fangfingers 22 54
My Bud Spud.... by Fangfingers My Bud Spud.... :iconfangfingers:Fangfingers 24 75 Secret Luminary by Fangfingers Secret Luminary :iconfangfingers:Fangfingers 40 36 Caterpillars Waltz Nebula by Fangfingers Caterpillars Waltz Nebula :iconfangfingers:Fangfingers 149 39 New Fall Do by Fangfingers New Fall Do :iconfangfingers:Fangfingers 108 75 Flowering Youth by Fangfingers Flowering Youth :iconfangfingers:Fangfingers 55 36
Newer James 186:268
The new parables for the thematically intelligent....
Newer James 186:268
Paralytic nurseries prepare the terminally alone for agrarian consumption in a carnivorous world.
My borderguard asleep in his watchtower; Fate makes him rest not sloth,  so illegals can enter my apocalypse-loving churches to decipher a faint message of hope...
Souls do not exist in anyone...Only the illusion of clutching unity you project willingly to my needy innards...
Touch me for all you're worth.
Entire choirs of gentle background singers underscore the desire for you to touch me ...but there are no such things as angels.
Embracing that which is not yet in any moment is the only advancement of perpetual joy.
The lost art of the advancement of joy
A single book of knowledge, escaped the burning and lies buried under mountains of droll hypnotics.
Your resultant spoon-feeding hurts the creases of my mouth where blood and fat juices used to drip in runnels.
:iconfangfingers:Fangfingers 16 62
UFO- No. 2 by Fangfingers UFO- No. 2 :iconfangfingers:Fangfingers 46 33 Mastermind's Eye -Galaxy Hub by Fangfingers Mastermind's Eye -Galaxy Hub :iconfangfingers:Fangfingers 30 29 The Great Gash Nebula by Fangfingers The Great Gash Nebula :iconfangfingers:Fangfingers 191 70 -W-I-C-N-O-S-N-E- No1- by Fangfingers -W-I-C-N-O-S-N-E- No1- :iconfangfingers:Fangfingers 71 63 The Permancy of Nothingness by Fangfingers The Permancy of Nothingness :iconfangfingers:Fangfingers 39 41 Your Naive Misconceptions ... by Fangfingers Your Naive Misconceptions ... :iconfangfingers:Fangfingers 37 44 Praying Lion by Fangfingers Praying Lion :iconfangfingers:Fangfingers 62 87
Totally into You and Me
Being without you's always tuff
i want to be with you
No school, no work
i just wanna be with you, you jerk
Empty rooms an no damn calls
you leave me climbing all the walls
You've tempted me with lusty glue
now i only want to be with you.
Being with you isn't enuff
i want to be inside you  
Shed us, shed clothes
deep inside you in orgasmic throes
Being outside you bothers me a lot
like a candy machine with a broken coin slot
Your face glows with such ecstasy
that inside you is the place for me.
Being inside you isn't enuff
i want to BE you
Then i could tease myself about being with me, always near ...
and i could turn around and we'd be right here !
..with you ... er, i mean me
I could get myself so hot and tingly when i tell myself
what i am gonna do with me when we're together.
and i'd do it perpetually
And when thoughts of you as me make surges
that need satiating
i could instantly respond to yours and mine's urges
...cuz well,  ther'd be no waiting!
And when i a
:iconfangfingers:Fangfingers 10 50


by mbev

Any truly great writing has an element of universality to it. That universality can only be achieved by all ever-present truths ringing...

Stig ! ..You're one of the last artists here i would expect to see a critique invitation from. :) ...In all your works it's obvious you ...


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Rabbit queen by HarizmaArt Rabbit queen :iconharizmaart:HarizmaArt 179 18

OMG! ... Fangfingers clicked his journal button

Journal Entry: Sun Apr 17, 2011, 1:27 PM
Mood:           Hopeful
Listening to:  Restrictions by Cactus
Watching:      Worthless local NEWS, a horrid journalism scam, with news written by corporation advertising and your local church.
Reading:      My own poetry revisions
Playing:       Total War Shogun 2 or Titan Quest Immortal Throne

Yes even your god can't believe it.  I know when i post this it's going to sound like a creaky, old, rusty door opening.... That's how long it's been since i've changed my journal.

Since a clever friend here realized this is totally wasted space, she asked if i could spread her word in it. This has given me pause to wonder if i should rent this space out... lol
In any case, ( especially the six-pack by the basement stairs )    :iconthemadmulatto:  is a good DA bud and one of the one's that deserves some extra effort from me...

A past internet great friend (twice removed), ----> :iconjesselax:  did an excellent CSS revision for me a year ago, and i never got it up due to my skin fignorance and the fact that i died around 3 years ago.  As one of the apathetic undead it's taken me around 3 years to claw my way to the top of my grave and finally break ground.

Which,  to you all means about the same as your father's gas struggling to escape your father after he ate your mother's chili and finally breaking wind............i know, but....

....Now in my new undead life where the brain functions at least minimally, when i'm not looking for brains to eat i'll be attempting finally to put my my journal back into some regular cycle and usefulness, as well as institute Jess's upgrades for me.

In the meantime...  Here's the invite info MichelleLyn asked me to put in your face. If you can get your flat chair asses running around with them on that day it may help you put some round back in your butt....and in your brain.


MEMORIZE these faces



...and look for us.

TO ALL of YOU from PETER...  
"Michelle and I have been putting together a project where we are all taking a trip to the city to shoot
The Essence of Urbanism.
The focus is not on the skyscrapers but the things about the city that we have been confronted with. The senses can play a big part of different design elements we see. We will meet at a place called

Coopertown Dinner (339 1st Avenue, between 19 and 20 street) at 9:00 a.m. till 9:30 a.m.

where we will talk about the project and have coffee and something to eat. Once we're all there, we will depart together or alone to shoot.
At 8:00 p.m. we will meet again to wrap up the day and we will be off to finish shooting or go home.
We will either post our work all on a specific day and throughout that day we can talk about what we did.
Please note me if this is something of interest. I can't wait!!"
Peter Andolfi

Supply suggestions -
Cameras, tripods, lenses, extra batteries, memory cards, chargers
sketch pads, writing tools, tape recorders,
clothes you can get dirty, keep warm in, or take off, comfortable shoes, sun glasses, personal music to listen to,
and whatever the hell else will make this a very creatively stimulating day in every direction a Deviant can go.
I'm giving my cell phone number to everyone over breakfast, so if anything stupid happens,
I got your back.

So Far, the willing participants are

:iconthemadmulatto::icondukecrescent::iconretro-grade1::iconall-my-darkness::iconyamimillennium::icony-f-s: with Husband, Zen

GOOGLE MAPS - MANHATTAN NEW YORK :bulletwhite:… :bulletwhite:


PORT AUTHORITY BUS TERMINAL of NY & NJ :bulletred:… :bulletred:



ST. MARKS  - :bulletred: &nb…:

* HOTEL 17 - :bulletorange:  …:

==================================================  *END MESSAGE TRANSFERENCE*  ================================================


So for more frequent journals... and for those of you who are interested ... i put a BIO some time back but it is not very visible.
You can read it here ---------------->…




Naughty No-shoes
Artist | Professional | Varied
United States
Current Residence: ...In Cognito
Favourite genre of music: Anything from the late 60's to the late 70's when rock was young, raw & unpretentious
MP3 player of choice: iPOD
Favourite cartoon character: George Bush & Dick Cheny filling in for Pinky and the Brain
Personal Quote: How come your third eye looks like my second asshole?..~ Fangfingers



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